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Results that matter

Our work for Zlote Wyprzedaze has been officially recognized by Facebook as it’s featured as one of Facebook case studies. Our campaigns generated cost of acquiring one registered user almost 4 times lower than other channels as well as a monthly sales increase of 30%.

We work for the best

We proudly work on campaigns for the biggest Clients out there: Bacardi, PLAY, ING, Red Bull Mobile, CITI Bank and many more.

Our numbers add up

In 2012, our ads were seen more than 5 000 000 000 times. We created more than 10 000 different formats and achieved CTRs as high as 22%.

We work internationally

We believe that true results transcend borders. We have executed dozens of highly effective campaign on a number of international markets, including UK, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey and many more.

about us

Socialformance is an agency specializing in performance-oriented advertising campaigns on various social media platforms. We excel especially at results-focused campaigns – we are the most efficient agency on the market and we have the numbers to back it up. We have planned and executed hundreds of campaign for our Clients.
We deliver you the numbers you ask for – be it acquiring fans, generating leads or increasing sales. You set a goal – we achieve it. We have created a number of powerful software analytical tools that further boost our efficiency and make sure we meet the requirements of our Clients.
We have a dedicated team consisting of experts unmatched in their fields, making sure the budgets are spent in the most effective way. We monitor our campaigns round the clock, optimizing every single action we take as an integral part of our services. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!


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